Request Letter for Extension of Employment Contract by Employee Sample

Request Letter for Extension of Employment Contract by Employee Sample

As an employee, there may come a time when you need to request an extension of your employment contract. Whether it’s to continue working on a project or to earn more income, an extension can be very beneficial to your career. But how do you go about requesting one? To help you out, we’ve put together a sample request letter for extension of employment contract by employee.

Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am writing to request an extension of my employment contract with [Company Name]. My current contract expires on [Date], and I would like to continue working with the company beyond that date.

The reason for my request is that I have been enjoying my work with [Company Name] and would like to continue contributing to the team’s success. In addition, I have been working on an important project for the company, and I believe that extending my contract would allow me to complete the project successfully.

I am willing to discuss the terms of the extension, including any changes to my salary or benefits. I am also willing to negotiate the length of the extension based on the needs of the company.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to discussing this matter further with you.


[Your Name]

This sample request letter is just a starting point – you should tailor it to your own needs and the specific circumstances of your situation. However, some important elements to keep in mind include:

– Be polite and professional. Your employer is more likely to consider your request if you approach it in a respectful manner.

– Explain why you are requesting an extension. This will help your employer understand your reasons for wanting to continue working with the company.

– Be flexible. Your employer may not be able to grant your request exactly as you want it, so be open to negotiating the terms of the extension.

– Follow up. If you don’t receive a response to your request within a reasonable amount of time, follow up with your employer to ensure that they received your letter and to check on the status of your request.

In conclusion, requesting an extension of your employment contract can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s an important step in your career. By crafting a well-written and professional request letter, you can increase your chances of receiving the extension you need. Good luck!

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