Co – Curricular


Physical education gives children the opportunity to be active every single day.
It helps to learn importance of exercise as a lifelong habit. It gives exposure to
team sports and promotes good physical fitness. Improves self confidence ,
self esteem and self discipline. Experience setting of goals.

Indoor Activities

• Chess
• Carrom
• Kids play area
• Brain games(Puzzle)

Outdoor Activities

* Football
* Basketball
* Volleyball
* Running track ( around football ground)
* Kinder garden play area
* Splash pool


Skating is an amazing form of self-expression. It’s like our soul at play. It improves child’s balance and co-ordination.


Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. It contributes to improve mental focus and concentration among students.


Silambam is an Indian martial art from Tamil culture.Practicing Silambam activates helps students to come out of their stress and helps them to understand better with more gain on motor skills. Practicing Silambam is helpful for self defense and increased concentration level which results in good academic progress.