Nimai Public School

About Nimai Public School

Nimai is a Next Gen school focusing on building life skills along with academics. So children will be successful in both life and their chosen profession. Our new age learning modules help nurture brighter minds, healthier bodies and happier hearts., healthier bodies and happier hearts.

Activity Based Learning

We believe that we should march along with time. Hence, our teaching and learning method is not limited to Black board and chalk. We have smart boards installed in all the classes. It provides visual and tactile students with an enriched learning experience.


NIMAI PUBLIC SCHOOL educate about the Earth Science, subject of soil. Teaching by example has a greater effect on children’s behavior than simply telling them what to do. Farm is a great way to teach kids about where their food is coming from and why it is important to consume organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Spending more time enjoying nature will help your kids see value in protecting nature. Nimai provides space for organic farming, starting simple vegetable garden is a fun way to show our kids where their food comes from. It also helps to research which vegetable grow in which season and deciding them where to plant them. We grow onion, carrot, herbs, tomatoes, groundnuts and many more. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders in the battle against climate change, so it’s vital that our kids understand the concept of sustainable living from an early age.

Educational Field Trip

Field to Jain form was organized for our students. The students were taken to adventure station held in Jain form.

Star student of the Month

Children love to be in the spotlight and having a “Best Student Award” is a great way to honor each individual student.
STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH is given to students for attendance, conduct, overall performance, etc., on MONTHLY basis.