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Parents can rest easy about their child’s safety and security at school when the transport management feature has been put in place at an educational institution.Providing better safety and security to the student’s while they are commuting from school to home or vice-versa is the top most priority of our school management.

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The quality are merit of the school is validated in its location. Nimai is situated at state highway Rayakotta road, 7 kilometer from Hosur bus stand. Transport facility available around 30km from the school premises.

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School Bus Transport Management System the whole transportation tracking process becomes easy. Along with school authorities, parents can also keep a track on the movement of buses, its locations, and routing. Using the transport management system to track the vehicles offers guardians a complete peace of mind as they can have a complete overview of their child movements.Parents are able to even use this tracking feature on the mobile friendly version, so they are able to keep an eye on their child on the go..

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