Why Nimai?

Low or no pollution

Children’s health and well-being are viewed by many as top priorities

Children are known to be more vulnerable than adults to the effects of pollution. Nimai is free from pollution as surrounded by green. Long entrance by side row of trees. Childhood is a critical period for brain formation. Researchers have shown that children free from pollution perform best on cognitive functioning tests and have improves neurological function and high IQ scores compared with other children.

Balance of scholastic and Co-scholastic activities

The school gives equal importance to scholastic & co-scholastic activities. Education completes man.
Students need quality education suitable for life. Students get knowledge of the subject through scholastic activities. They get knowledge of the society through co-scholastic activities.


Student make use of stage from the very beginning of their education, builds self confidence and also help them to communicate confidently in the mass. They never experience the fear of stage. Stage programs are conducted to showcase the skills and qualities of the students. In such programs various activities such as dance, singing, debate and yoga included.